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Biomass Harvesters of America is a network of family owned and operated biomass feedstock harvestng professionals


As a member, when opportunities become available in crop residue harvesting, you will be notified of any possible opportunitis to be a part of these projects.


Member access to off season vendor discounts of parts shipping and rental equipment


Mission Statement

Biomass Harvesters of America’s (BHA) mission is to foster the harvesting of biomass crops in order to provide a new and alternative revenue stream of income to family farmers; to build relationships between custom harvesters and their clients, along with the venders who support the industry; to strengthen the profitability of custom biomass harvesting; to promote the use of renewable biomass in consumable products and industries in North America; to provide future generations a sustainable income on the family farm.


We work with some of the largest biomass projects in the nation. Providing services ranging from swathing, raking, merging, stalk chopping, bailing, twine retrieval, bale collection, and transportation to the end user.


Build networks and relatinships with others in the industry.


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